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1991 International Emmy Awards Bestowed in New York

November 26, 1991

NEW YORK (AP) _ A documentary about Cambodia’s notorious Khmer Rouge and a domestic drama set in the north of England were among the winners at the 19th Annual International Emmy Awards.

Awards honoring television programs from around the world were presented in six categories Monday.

In addition, special awards were given to Henry P. Becton Jr., president and general manager of the WGBH Foundation in Boston, who received the International Council’s Directorate Award, and documentary producer Adrian Cowell, who was given the Founder’s Award.

The winners were:

-Drama: ″The Black Velvet Gown,″ a story of a mother and daughter set in the north of England.

-Documentary: ″Cambodia: The Betrayal,″ an investigation of how the West has continued to back guerrillas of the Khmer Rouge, which was blamed for the deaths of up to 1 million Cambodians during their attempt to create an agrarian communist society from 1975-78.

-Arts Documentary: ″Damned in the USA,″ a look at the battle between artists and religious fundamentalists.

-Performing Arts: ″Le Dortoir,″ a visual adaptation of Quebec theater director Gilles Maheu’s stage production.

-Popular Arts: ″The Curse of Mr. Bean,″ in which the eponymous main character goes swimming and demonstrates why he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

-Children and Young People: ″The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship,″ in which a young boy discovers a magical flying ship.

All the winners were British productions except, ″Le Dortoir,″ which was Canadian. The shows aired in their local markets and none has so far been shown in the United States.

They will be shown in December at the Museum of Radio and Broadcast in New York City.

Roger Moore was host of the ceremony at the New York Hilton, which will be telecast on the Arts & Entertainment Network, a cable network, on Dec. 28. It will be broadcast in over 20 countries, including Italy, Germany, Australia, Spain, Japan and China.

The International Emmy Awards are given under the auspices of the International Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of excellence in international television.

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