Ohio’s taxman to collect ideas, not dollars, from fairgoers

August 2, 2016 GMT

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohioans have had better luck winning stuffed animals by tossing tiny rings onto soda bottles than getting a face-to-face meeting with the state’s taxman.

Their odds are looking better now. The state’s tax commissioner has been making the rounds at the Ohio State Fair in an effort to collect ideas — not dollars — from taxpayers.

Tax Commissioner Joe Testa on Tuesday sought to strike the right note with fairgoers. He sang “Taxman” at the fairgrounds and encouraged people to enter their names in a drawing to win a meeting with him later this year in Columbus.

Testa says he wants to hear new ways to improve Ohio’s taxes from those who pay them.

His office says between 15 and 20 people will be picked to share ideas with Testa.