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Dallas Station Won’t Air Controversial Police Show

September 11, 1993 GMT

DALLAS (AP) _ The local ABC affiliate, WFAA-TV, has decided not to carry ″NYPD Blue,″ the controversial new police series that has been criticized by conservative organizations.

Several stations across the country have dropped the series in advance of its Sept. 21 debut, but WFAA is believed to be the first ABC affiliate in a top 20 market to veto it. Dallas-Fort Worth is the nation’s eighth largest TV market.

WFAA was recently picketed by members of the American Family Association, which calls the series ″soft-core porn.″

″NYPD Blue″ doesn’t meet WFAA’s programming standards, said Cathy Creany, vice president-general manager.

″It’s the combination of profanity, sex and violence,″ Ms. Creany said.

A.H. Belo Corp., which owns WFAA, also is pre-empting ″NYPD Blue,″ on its ABC affiliate station in Norfolk, Va., Ms. Creany said.

ABC Television President Roger Iger said he hoped stations would ″give viewers the chance to decide whether this is a good show or not.″

The program, created by Emmy Award-winning producer Steven Bochco, has been described as network television’s first ″R-rated″ series.