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TC Line: A Wake for the Woke

April 20, 2019 GMT

Mueller Report

• I’m wondering with the release of the Mueller Report, is there a woke wake scheduled for somewhere in Longmont? I would love to attend. I haven’t had a good laugh in a long time. I’m also wondering, have all you Trump haters gotten tired of losing yet? A tin-foil hat response is requested, please.

• My family has just finished the discussion about the Mueller Report, and we made a profound decision that I wanted to share: The Democrats are beating a dead horse.

• This is about the cartoon on the (Friday) Opinion page. It pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Basically (Donald Trump) will be charged when he leaves office.

• Hey, Trump supporters, read the report.

Who doesn’t belong?

• According to some TC Line callers, refugees have no place in our country. The reality of that thinking is no one of Anglo heritage belongs. We’re all interlopers except those of native Indian heritage.

• Recent commentary in these pages about people who shouldn’t be here might belong in the (comics) section. After all, we manifest destiny white guys might not belong here either. Think of the larger historical and cultural context.

Library book drop

I have to agree with the TC caller ... about the nonfunctional book drop at the library. Surely the city has the expertise and equipment to knock off about a foot on the thing and make it useful.

God gives life

In response to Thursday’s comic, “Close to Home:” God does not smite sinners, and this is a perfect season to explain why Jesus came. John 10:10 says that he came that we would have and enjoy life and have it in the full, that it’s the enemy the devil that comes to kill, rob, steal and destroy. So if your head’s getting bashed in, make a different choice. God’s not mad at you. He loves you, and Easter is the perfect time to make a choice for life through Jesus Christ.

Gun control

• Six-hundred million guns already in the United States, and you think common-sense gun control laws are what? How about common-sense sanity laws? We have a whole generation of extremely entitled spoiled brats, many (of whom) are absolutely crazy. And they can’t be examined, they can’t be evaluated, even their father says they’re crazy? Good heavens.

• Publicity of shooting has been used by the far left to obtain gun control. We do not need control. We need responsible parents and citizens. Put ... parents in jail with their children. This will end the gun problems in the United States. Our parents are neglecting our children.

TC Line animosity

I don’t really read the TC Line much any more, but the headline caught me today, about dropping it. I agree. Animosity is just almost out of control.


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