Delcambre looks to maintain proud tradition

August 15, 2016 GMT

DELCAMBRE — Tradition is a big thing in Delcambre. DHS head football coach Marc Broussard wants his Panthers to continue to live up to the tradition of tough football established years ago, regardless of the opponent.

“Delcambre has always been a tough team that’s going to show up and compete for 48 minutes no matter who they play, and we’re going to continue that tradition,” Broussard said as the 2016 season approaches. “No matter who we’re playing on that Friday night, we’re going to show up and we’re going to be competitive for 48 minutes.

“The seniors have taken on the motto ‘Win the day’ and that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to win every day. Whether it’s an individual practice period or a group practice period, or the entire day, or a scrimmage or game, we just want to win the day.”


The introduction of more offensive formations to Delcambre High’s offensive repertoire should help the Panthers keep the clock running and keep the defense off the field, Broussard believes.

Delcambre will continue to run a wing-T offense, but using new terminology under offensive coordinator Artie Liuzza, who was head coach at Highland Baptist prior to moving to Delcambre High in the summer.

“We only have 33 guys, and a lot of these guys on offense are going to have to turn around and play defense,” Broussard said. “We’re pairing them up on offense. (For instance) three of our starting linebackers are going to rotate at tight end, so it’s going to let us take the three starting backers and rest each other on offense.”

Delcambre lost all three of its starting running backs from last year to graduation, but the coach said five players have stepped up and will give the backfield a little depth — Tylar Lewis, Logan LeBlanc, Dylan Vallecillo, Matthew Derise and Payton DeRanger.

“They’re doing a great job not only of running the football, because we put them back there because we felt they could run, but they’re doing a great job of blocking,” Broussard said. “It is very good (to have depth). Last year we primarily ran the fullback and some with the tailback, but this year these guys give us the chance to spread the wealth on offense and make people defend strong side, weak side, both sides of the offensive line.”

Starting quarterback Cole Delcambre returns, however, and Broussard is relying on his experience and knowledge of the offense.

“Even though the terminology’s different, he’s basically in the same system,” Broussard said. “Cole knows the offense, and not just his position but everyone else.”


The offensive line returns junior Tyrese Lewis at guard and senior Tristin Menard at center with seniors Tylon Cuccia, Broc Trahan and Kenny Bell also set to start.

“A lot of them are still new to this,” Broussard said. “We’re asking them to perform the same blocks but using a different technique, so it’s still kind of new to them. But they’re picking up on it and they’ve gotten better each day.”

Play action will be the key to the DHS passing attack.

“Most of our passing is going to be out of play action,” Broussard said. “We’re going to try to establish the run, move the chains, and then play action off of the run.”

Delcambre’s linebackers — DeRanger, Lane Broussard, Trevor Baudoin and Hunter Delcambre — have had a good offseason, Broussard said. The Panthers are thin along the lines so there isn’t a lot of depth on the defensive line right now, the coach said.

LeBlanc will start at free safety and play some halfback. Lewis is a cornerback in addition to a running back. Derise starts at strong safety and plays in the offensive backfield.

“We’re going to have some two-way guys this year and we’re just going to have to be smart when we rest them,” Broussard said.

Despite the lack of numbers, or perhaps because of the small number of players, team chemistry has been a team strength so far.

“These guys had a great summer,” Broussard said. “They work really well together. Thirty-two of the 33 made the mandatory workouts with the one guy who didn’t already making it up. The team chemistry is very strong. They’re a bunch of hard-working and good kids that are fun to coach and be around.”