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Milemarkers fundraiser at Scooter’s puts smiles on a lot of faces

November 5, 2018 GMT

BULLHEAD CITY — It was a great day for families to eat and play at Scooters Family Fun Center.

The business was the site of a fundraiser for Milemarkers, a local clinic and therapy provider assisting disabled youths and adults to improve the quality of their lives. The clinic moved into a new 6,200-square-foot building this summer to allow more space for therapies and care programs.

“It’s huge — and we’re filling up quickly,” said Kelly Thomas, chief operating officer for Milemarkers. “But our goal is to grow.”

The majority of people at the fun center were participating in the fundraiser, named Family Fun Putt ’n Play, which provided a round of mini-golf, go-kart riding, time in the batting cage and a personal pizza with a small soda — all for $10. Other fun things to do included face painting and the fun center’s arcade.

“It was a huge success,” Thomas said. “We’re very grateful to the community for supporting us.”

Proceeds from the sale of Family Fun Putt ’n Play tickets will allow work to begin on an area outside of the building with tables and awning, she said.

Jessica Reed, chief of Milemarkers public relations, bought some tickets so she and her family could enjoy the event as well. They played mini-golf and her daughter had her face painted.

“It was a lot of fun,” Reed said.

One family drove over from Lake Havasu City for the afternoon with visiting family members from Colorado to celebrate the birthday of Jeremiah Olave, 10.

Everyone was working their way through the mini-golf course but ran into an obstacle — Lucas Koneval, 2, who was treating the game more like fetch than golf. He’d stand near the golfer and grab the ball before it could roll very far. If Lucas could grab someone’s ball, he’d hang onto it and, sometimes, start running, then have to be coaxed back.

The toddler was entertaining and usually would hand back the ball so the player could again try to get the ball into the hole without sending it into rocks or a water feature.

Jeremiah took the family’s moving toddler feature in stride, even when he tried to keep the balls on the green from being scooped up by Lucas.

A group of children nearby modified the rules of mini-golf to better suit them. It could have been a game called “All or Nothing” because once someone got their ball in the hole, everyone had to move up to the next hole.

While ticket sales ended Saturday, people who couldn’t fit in a few hours at Scooter’s on Saturday have plenty of time to plan a future visit. The $10 tickets can be used for up to a year after the event.