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Ask those who know you best

November 13, 2017

Finding the perfect college isn’t always easy. I have gotten countless emails and letters from colleges I talked to at a college night just two months ago. As a junior, I have a little time yet to decide, but that doesn’t stop me from staying awake at night wondering what my final choice will be — or stressing how my future will be like in college.

There are so many choices and possibilities. I still have no clue what I will decide on becoming — let alone the school I will attend in the next year and a half. A decision like this will take research, college visits and talking to my teachers and family.

The first part of my process for finding a college has been research. College websites give plenty of useful information. I mostly look to see if that specific college has the programs and classes I need for the majors I’m interested in. Others details I can see on college websites are their prices. Price is an important factor for me, so knowing how many scholarships I can receive in the next year will be extremely helpful in making my decision.

College visits are also beneficial to talk to other students and teachers, look at the dorm rooms in person, see the clubs they offer, and get a feel on how far away it is to drive there from my home.

A huge decision for me has been trying to figure out how far away I’m willing to go from West Point. Leaving home will a big deal for me and my family. I want to be far enough to still have some independence, but I also want to make sure I can easily come home for family events.

With every idea being considered, the true decision factor will be talking to my teachers and family. They have seen my struggles and breakthroughs. Some might even say they know me more than I know myself. Overall, though, I know they will give me the advice and discussions I need to choose the best college for me.