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Easton fire responds to blaze extinguished by homeowner

April 7, 2019 GMT

EASTON — The Easton Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire Saturday that was technically no longer a fire.

According to a post on its Facebook page, the Easton fire department responded to a reported fire that had been extinguished by the homeowner. Despite the fact that someone had put it out, firefighters overhauled the fire, checked for extension and assisted the fire marshal with his investigation.

The Easton fire department took the opportunity to implore citizens to contact them about any fire incident, even if they think it’s under control.

“The fire marshal and chief would like to remind all to call 911 at the first sign of smoke or fire,” the Facebook post read. “Fire can expand rapidly and the carcinogenic smoke can overcome unprotected people quickly. In addition please check with your alarm company to ensure that they have the dispatch number ... and that is the number that gets called first. With all emergencies , the quicker help is on the way the quicker the problem is solved. Call us! We still make house calls and your safety is our priority.”