Trump is best choice

October 28, 2016

Scheideler letter

This election year is a difficult to decide who to vote for as president with the two choices we have, but in studying both of the candidates and the party that they are associated with, I believe we only have one choice.

James Dobson and Franklin Graham both felt that Trump is the better choice considering Hillary and her staff’s disdain for the Catholics and the evangelicals and the fact that Hillary supports partial birth abortion (which is murder – so how can a Christian vote for her)?

Also, remember that this president will get to choose several justices for the supreme Court and Hillary is very liberal whereas Trump has already indicated who he might chose (conservative judges) and Hillary has not given her choices. Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council, warned that eamils from Clinton’s campaign show hostility toward religious freedom and warned that religious freedom is at stake.

Yes, Trump is crass and brazen but he does tell the truth unlike Hillary who has lied about her emails, Benghazi and numerous other things. Trump is a born again Christian and has met with several pastors forming a committee to guide him in his campaign. Trump has apologized for the terrible remarks he made 11 years ago but Bill and Hillary Clinton did so much worse. He (allegedly) raped several women and Hillary went after these women to discredit them.

Hillary also supports Wall Street and big banks that do nothing to help the poor. Hillary cannot be trusted with keeping highly classified and confidential information.

I feel that Trump is the logical choice. He is a businessman and has the knowledge and experience to turn the economy around, bring jobs back to this country and restore law and order. Especially in view of fact that Hillary has lied to Congress, the FBI and that she had an illegal server, violated National Security protocol, cursed at her secret service detail and doesn’t even care if illegal immigrants are creating havoc on our tax dollars, health bills and welfare system. Think about it, we need someone who cares about all people.

Darlene Scheideler, Beatrice