Parents need to smarten uip

March 20, 2017 GMT

Parents need to smarten up

Recently while viewing a 1960 video my father made of my grammar school graduation, I was struck at how thin we all were.

McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC were few and far between in the late 1950’s and with no video games and little on TV, we were much more active after school than kids are today.

Want to know why childhood obesity is epidemic and kids turn up their noses at healthy food? Go to a grocery store and see what parents are buying. Chips, cookies, huge bottles of soda and microwave dinners that are a nutrition nightmare. Unhealthy high-calorie fast food does a booming business and the drive-in lines are long as it’s too much work to park and walk inside.

At Stratford high school, kids often come in starving in the morning because they have eaten so poorly the night before or over the weekend. The school is required to give them healthy food and in truth some of it does go into the garbage.

The school now has a basket for unwanted fruit so that those that want to take some home can do so. Many of these kids are raised on foods loaded with fat, salt and sugar, so fruit and veggies don’t give them what their bodies crave and they waste their money on snacks to satisfy those cravings.

The schools do make an effort. “French fries” aren’t fried anymore. In fact at Stratford high school, nothing is fried and there’s no soda served. Unbelievably some healthy dishes that the kids would probably like are untouched because the students don’t see them at home and don’t know what they are. Government and schools do what they can to combat the obesity crises among children but it’s really lazy or uneducated parents that put their kids on the road to unhealthy living.

Mike Hurley