Dead Stamford man involved in high school sex scandal

August 29, 2016 GMT

STAMFORD — Less than five months after receiving a undisclosed settlement with the city of Stamford, one youth swept up in the city’s 2014 high school teacher-sex-scandal, was shot and killed over the weekend in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport police say that Shane Slinsky, 18, was shot twice in the head and killed on Wood Terrace Saturday afternoon.

In 2014 Slinsky was a close friend of an 18-year-old Stamford High School student who was having a six-month long affair with English teacher Danielle Watkins directly under the noses of school administrators, who even began conducting their own investigation into the much talked about teacher-student affair.

Slinsky was a 15-year-old student at Stamford High School who began smoking marijuana with his older friend, and Watkins, a mother of two from Norwalk, who according to her arrest affidavit was supplying marijuana to both of the boys.

In March 2015, Watkins, 34, sentenced to five years in jail partly as a result of her threatening Slinsky shortly before her sentencing at the Stamford courthouse.

Watkins had a plea agreement that would have kept her in jail for between nine months and four years in jail.

But one morning in late 2014 she found herself at Stamford High’s unofficial breakfast kitchen, also known as Dunkin’ Donuts on Prospect Street just down the hill from the high school and ran into Slinsky who was picking up his breakfast at the same time, he later told police.

In clear view of a security camera that recorded the whole interaction, Watkins pointed to the boy and issued a threat.

She said, ”`You are going to get yours,′ or something to that effect,” a prosecutor said at the time of Watkins’ sentencing.

In addition to threatening the boy, she also broke the terms of her release on bond, which required her to stay away from Slinsky and the other older victim.

At the end of this past March, it was announced that the city reached a $750,000 settlement with the older boy, who had the sexual affair with Watkins and Slinsky.

Their attorneys Devon Janosov and Donald Papcsy would not disclose how much each was to get of the settlement.

Bridgeport police say Slinsky’s death “appears to be the result of a drug deal gone bad,” according to Av Harris, director of communications and a senior policy director for Bridgeport. “The victim was (apparently) attempting to buy illicit drugs in Bridgeport,” he said.

Bridgeport police are investigating the incident as a homicide. Detectives have not identified a suspect or motive. Police did not find any shell castings in the area and have not interviewed anyone who saw the shooting take place, but have spoken to witnesses who heard gunshots.