Farmers market set to open June 2

May 24, 2018 GMT

SCOTTSBLUFF — Another season for the 18th Street Farmers Market in downtown Scottsbluff starts on Saturday, June 2, and one of the new vendors has a different philosophy on bread.

American native Sara Ali and her husband Daniel moved to Scottsbluff in 2015 from Israel. Daniel was acquainted with the Walmart manager at the time and took a job there until his retirement.

Sara said her husband’s love of bread prompted her to learn how to bake it. Honey wheat bread was a favorite of one of her friends, so she started there, baking for friends.

“Early in 2018 I was looking for some supplemental income and wondered how the public would like homemade bread with no preservatives,” she said. “That’s how my business, Loaves of Love, got started.”

In addition to being a vendor at this summer’s farmers market, Sara plans to open a bread stand later in the year. Since about February, she’s been visiting several local businesses with success.

Her goal is to educate people that bread can be a healthy part of a person’s diet.

“Natural grains can help regulate your appetite,” she said. “One of the reasons we always feel hungry is because we’re not getting the nutrients we need.”

Although she plans to offer some sweet things at the farmers market, her main focus is healthy bread.

“It’s not the flour that has so many carbs, it’s the added sugar that so many commercial breads have in them,” she said. “Flour comes from natural grains. While they do have some carbohydrates, so does yogurt.”

One of her recipes, Earth Bread, is made from four different grains and has no sugar.

“A lot of people I know don’t think they can have bread at all,” Sara said. “They miss it so they break their diets. It doesn’t have to be that way.”

Another of her recipes is cinnamon raisin bread, a good choice for people dealing with diabetes. The raisins provide the natural sweetness and cinnamon helps keep insulin levels from fluctuating up and down, she said.

More information on Loaves of Love is available on Instagram at Loaves_Of_Love or by calling 540-497-3109.

The 18th Street Farmers Market at 18th Street and Broadway in downtown Scottsbluff is on Saturdas from 8-11 a.m. The 2018 season runs from June 2 through Sept. 29.

In addition to a wide variety of vendors, the market features entertainment on some weeks. The first and third Saturdays focus on bringing families to the market for games, food and other family-friendly entertainment.