Letter: Think again on popular vote

March 1, 2018 GMT

Think again on popular voteKen Dixon, in his Sunday column, (“National Popular Vote would make your ballot count,” Connecticut Post, Feb. 25, 2018) supports the National Popular Vote proposal. That proposal, though, won’t work the way its supporters think it will.Different states have different opinions and needs. For example, it’s been pointed out that the new tax plan will benefit some states and hurt others. If something is strongly against what the people in a state want, they can vote against the candidate that supports it, and make their voice heard.Now, if a candidate wants to win a state, he may support a law or program that will be good for that state. Under the national vote compact, that will change. Under the compact, each state will give its electoral college votes not to the candidate of its choice, but the candidate that wins the most votes nationally.If a candidate wants to win the electoral college votes of Connecticut, why would he bother proposing something that would be good for Connecticut — population 3.5 million — when he knows he can get more than 10 times the influence on how Connecticut’s election will go by promising something that will be good for California —population 39 million.?Do you think the number-crunchers who run campaigns will pay more attention to Connecticut when they know it will have only a tiny influence on even its own electoral college results?Doesn’t it make more sense for them to do things for California, New York and other large states? Instead of making all votes equal, the compact will make votes in large and small states less equal; rather than making your ballot count more, it will make your ballot count less.Right now, each state has its own individual voice. That voice may be small, but it is its own. Under the National Popular Vote Compact, that voice, and those of all the other smaller states, will disappear, and Connecticut will have even less influence than it does now.If you think Connecticut should keep its own voice, contact your state representative and senator and ask them to vote against the compact. It may sound like a good idea, but it’s not.Greg DarakTrumbull