Sprinklers hold back space heater fire in Stamford apartment

November 4, 2016

STAMFORD-A fire caused by an unattended space heater in an apartment bedroom at 62 Pequot Drive early Friday afternoon was mostly contained by an overhead sprinkler system.

Firefighters were called by a fire alarm to Southwood Square Apartments at 1:56 p.m. Friday.

The first of three fire engines got to the complex four minutes later and five minutes after that responding firefighters determined that the sprinkler system had brought the fire completely under control, fire Capt. Paul Newman said.

Newman said no one was in the apartment at the time and there were no reported injuries. Newman said because of the sprinkler system, most of the damage was held to the bedroom with smoke damage to a hallway.

Chief Fire Marshall Charles Spaulding said just before the fire was reported, a man using a space heater in the apartment went to the grocery store.

While he was gone, the space heater that was backed up next to a chair, caught the chair on fire.

The man has declined help from the American Red Cross and Spaulding said he could be back into his apartment as early as Monday.