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Kathy Abbott, Gary Puskin say they may have been exposed to measles virus during Pikesville shopping

Shen Wu Tan THE WASHINGTON TIMES The Washington TimesMay 20, 2019

Baltimore couple Kathy Abbott and Gary Pushkin were unaware of the potential risk of their recent trip to kosher supermarkets in Pikesville, Maryland.

On the Sunday before Passover, they purchased matzo and chocolate at two stores in Pikesville’s Jewish community, only to discover two days later they might have been exposed to measles.

Raised in Europe in the 1960s, Ms. Abbott didn’t know if she ever received the measles vaccine as a child and the uncertainty made her and her husband anxious.

“I wasn’t sure if I was ever inoculated for it because I was living in Europe, and I had gotten the mumps,” Ms. Abbott said.

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