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On the Light Side

September 30, 1989 GMT

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (AP) _ When Mark Metzger asked Janet Egelston to marry him, he never thought he’d have to get the blessing of the state Legislature.

But the two partners in a brewery and restaurant found out that marriage could be the end of a beautiful business relationship thanks to a state law dating back to the end of Prohibition.

″You could never imagine, I mean it would never enter your head that when you wanted to get married it would put your whole business and your future in jeopardy, but it did,″ Metzger said.

The couple, co-owners of The Northampton Brewery, got engaged more than two years ago. Then they discovered that if they got married they’d have to give up their brewery and restaurant business because of a state law forbidding joint ownership of a beer manufacturer’s permit and a pouring license.

Gov. Michael S. Dukakis on Tuesday signed into law a special bill allowing Metzger and Egelston to get married and keep their business.

″I’m ecstatic,″ Metzger said Friday.

Metzger and Egelston, who plan to get married July 7, said they’ve been so busy running the business they haven’t had time to worry about the situation.

″Some people said we had the best of both worlds,″ Metzger joked. ″We wanted to be married but we couldn’t.″


DENTON, Texas (AP) - No offense, but one of the more popular candidates for homecoming king at the University of North Texas is a real dog. And a well- liked nominee for queen is a little squirrely.

But because they don’t have good grades, they will never get a chance to strut on the homecoming court.

Hector the mascot dalmatian dog and Agnes, a popular squirrel who hangs out by the physics building, were among the candidates for college royalty when students went to the polls Tuesday and Wednesday. Ten men and nine women also were in the running.

But the animals were disqualified because candidates must maintain a 2.5 grade-point average.

Student Association member Wade Duchene, Hector’s campaign manager, has not given up.

″They didn’t notify Hector and Agnes in person, and Hector and Agnes were not given the chance to defend themselves,″ Duchene told the North Texas Daily student newspaper. ″Hector’s very dogged about this.″

The king and queen will be crowned during halftime of the Oct. 14 football game between North Texas and Stephen F. Austin. The winners have not been announced.