Invest in young people, not wall -- Jeff Virchow

January 23, 2019 GMT

The president, using unsubstantiated figures, claims our nation is being invaded by thousands of “terrorists” and “rapists” crossing our southern border with Mexico. These dubious claims form the basis for his assertion that building a wall along that border is necessary to protect our national security.

But a potentially more serious threat to our national security is within our own borders. We have thousands of young people being ejected from schools in our underfunded education system who have not acquired the skills to enable them to become productive, positive contributors to our society.


We have essentially built a wall around those young people by making it nearly impossible for them to access even the basic qualities of the American dream. Our tax and economic policies have created a wide disparity in income levels, and those who enjoy the benefits of those policies continue to stack more bricks on top of that wall so that those on the other side can’t climb over the top.

Rather than building walls at our border, our national security would be better served if we would reclaim our rich heritage of welcoming immigrants and creating systems that offer equal educational opportunities for all, and employment policies that enable our workers to earn a living wage.

Jeff Virchow, Prairie du Sac