Aftershock students announce release of own book

June 14, 2018 GMT

NORFOLK - The Norfolk Public Schools Aftershock Program has announced the release of special book.

The Young Author’s Club has written the book EmBARKING Adventure through the Write Brain learning curriculum.

Director Austin Cassleberry says as an after school program they want to provide hands on interactive learning, and this does just that.

“I think this has been a great avenue to make reading and writing relevant to the students in what they’re doing, and also something they enjoy. They’re going to be published authors at ages younger than 15 years-old and not many can say that” Cassleberry said.

“We are also the first program in Nebraska to adopt the (Write Brain) curriculum” Cassleberry added.

One of the club facilitators Natalie Yosten says the curriculum works across a typical school year covering eight weeks of writing lessons, and students Tania Vitales, Victoria Maxey, and Luna Allo got through a week a day to produce their book.

Yosten says on Friday the students will be presenting a digital copy to the Norfolk Public Library, and hard copy will be given to the library once it arrives.