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Joseph Kameen, USCA art professor, featured in Westobou Gallery exhibit

November 18, 2018 GMT

The annual SEEDS exhibition at the Westobou Gallery in Augusta features several local artists, including one from USC Aiken.

Joseph Kameen, an art professor at USCA, has 10 new paintings in the show, which will run through Dec. 21.

“In my paintings, I use narrative imagery and invented spaces to explore our innately human need to ask ‘why’ and to analyze the relationship we form with such inherently unanswerable questions,” Kameen said. “We all ask questions that cannot be answered definitively, [including those] as abstract as wondering about our purpose in life or as personal as asking why we act the way we do.


“When we ask these questions, a part of us understands that the full answer is either nonexistent, or unknowable. At the same time, the act of asking that question is an essential part of healing and self-improvement. I am interested in our need for these questions, the benefits that they provide us and the contradictory nature of a search for answers known to be nonexistent.”

Kameen’s works and others are on sale to exhibit goers.

“The fourth annual juried exhibition of small works priced at an affordable $300 or less features 14 local and regional artists working in a variety of media and styles,” according to a flyer promoting the event.

The Westobou Gallery is at 1129 Broad St. in downtown Augusta.