Sycamore woman claims police brutality in Walmart fight

January 17, 2019

SYCAMORE – Video of the struggle outside the DeKalb Walmart store Sept. 23 shows Ashley Lunardon clinging to her baby’s car seat, the child inside crying, as an off-duty Northern Illinois University police officer tries to pin her arms behind her back.

“Let go of the (expletive) car seat!” Lunardon shouts at an unidentified woman trying to take the baby from her. Meanwhile, the officer, Junelle Bennett, stands behind Lunardon, trying to pull her arms behind her back. A crowd, including Walmart employees, watches. One of them captured about a minute of the incident on video obtained by the Daily Chronicle.

“Could you let go?” the unidentified woman says to Lunardon on the video. “She told me I could grab it.”

“Ma’am, it’s a police officer, would you calm down?” a man says off-camera.