Madison police investigate gunshots in vicinity of home of Tony Robinson’s mother

September 29, 2017 GMT

Madison police have found no evidence of bullets hitting homes on Winnebago Street Wednesday night, the gunfire apparently in the vicinity of the home of the mother of a black teenager fatally shot by an officer in 2015.

No injuries were reported in the incident shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday on Winnebago Street.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said officers were canvassing around the house of Andrea Irwin, whose 19-year-old son, Tony Robinson, was killed during a struggle with an officer at a Williamson Street apartment.

In Facebook posts shortly after 8 p.m., Irwin said her house had been “shot up.”

“Officers were canvassing the vicinity of which her home is among other homes, obviously, that were in that proximity,” Koval said. But he said a determination on property damage and any intended direction of the bullets could not likely be established until daylight hours.

Police said on Thursday two properties, at 2102 and 2104 Winnebago Street, were looked at, with no damage found that could have been caused by bullets.

The violent crime unit is continuing to investigate the incident.

Witnesses told officers they saw two vehicles stopped on the 2100 block of Winnebago Street, and individuals from those vehicles arguing with each other, Sgt. Jennifer Kane said in a statement. Around 7:15 p.m., a man shot three times in the direction of East Washington Avenue, Kane said.

One witness said a man was firing a gun up the street but not at houses.

Last spring, Robinson’s family settled a federal civil rights lawsuit with the city of Madison’s insurer for $3.35 million, the largest non-jury settlement for a police shooting in Wisconsin history.