Man Accused Of Stabbing Teen Charged With Criminal Homicide

May 16, 2019 GMT

WILKES-BARRE — The great uncle of a teen who was fatally stabbed during a domestic altercation last month was charged Wednesday with criminal homicide.

Milton Clark, 58, is accused of stabbing 17-year-old Tarese Previlon in the left lower abdomen last month after the teen confronted him for spying on his mother, Lynn Williams, while she took a bath at the family home at 97 Holland St. early the morning of April 23.

Clark was initially charged with aggravated assault in the case, but Previlon died of his stab wounds May 6, leading to the homicide charge.

As police escorted Clark to court Wednesday, he described the situation as “domestic violence, that’s all” and suggested he stabbed Previlon in self-defense.


“I’m innocent until proven guilty in a court of law,” Clark said. “I know that he tried to hurt me ... so therefore I did what I had to do to protect myself.”

Magisterial District Judge Rick Cronauer arraigned Clark on the charges Wednesday morning. During the brief hearing, Clark appeared confused when told he was charged with criminal homicide.

“I was told I’m charged with aggravated assault,” he said.

Cronauer told him the police were dropping the assault charge in favor of the homicide case.

“I feel like I’ve been discriminated,” Clark said before Cronauer interjected and told him he would be able to address his concerns at a later date.

The judge denied Clark bail and directed him to apply for a public defender for legal representation.

According to police, the stabbing took place after Previlon confronted Clark for peeping on Williams, his niece, while she was taking a bath at the family home at 97 Holland St.

According to a restraining order application Williams filed in court, she was in the bathtub early the morning of April 23 when she heard Clark, who also lived in the home, come up the stairs. Williams felt uneasy and called for her son to get Clark away from the bathroom door, according to the complaint.

The filing said Clark went down the stairs, and when Previlon came to the bathroom door Williams told him she was uncomfortable with Clark at the home. Williams told her son to tell Clark he had to leave, then heard Previlon begin screaming after she got out of the tub and put on a towel, she wrote.

She ran downstairs to find Previlon and Clark fighting, and told them to break it up, the complaint said.

Previlon then came into her room, looking at his mother and saying, “Mom, he stabbed me,” according to the application.


Williams called 911 and Clark fled the scene, although police caught him a short time later on South Main Street with a knife in his hand, according to investigators.

Previlon was discharged from an area hospital prior to his death, but it was not immediately clear what circumstances led to his release, Assistant District Attorney Gene Molino said after the hearing.

“It’s obviously a sad and tragic case, as any homicide is or should be, but more so here because we have a minor who was the victim,” Molino said. “The deceased was 17 years old and should have had a long life ahead of him, and now that’s been cut tragically short.”

Clark was remanded to the Luzerne County Correctional Facility to be held without bail. A preliminary hearing was set for May 23.

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