Meadville’s Voodoo Brewery launches pub expansion program

October 3, 2018
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Patrons at the Voodoo Brewery, hangs out at the brewery’s Homestead location.

Will Voodoo Brewery conquer the world one pub at a time?

Voodoo, the employee-owned craft beer company based in Meadville, is launching a pub expansion program to give individuals the ability to own and operate Voodoo Brewery pubs in key geographical locations across the globe.

Voodoo Franchise Group will give independent operators the opportunity to open one of the pubs, taking the Voodoo concept, brand and world-class craft beer to neighborhoods near them, according to Jake Voelker, Voodoo’s chief operating officer.

“This program embraces the independent nature of the craft beer industry,” Voelker said in an email.

Voodoo Brewery was founded more than 13 years ago in Meadville and has achieved recognition worldwide.

“With our combined creativity, passion and dedication, we opened our first brewpub in 2012 (in Meadville) and the concept was immediately popular,” Voelker said. “Customers came from all over the region to enjoy our unique beers and locally sourced food in an environment that combines a rustic industrial look with an inviting atmosphere.”

Voodoo has grown to have five brewpubs -- Meadville with two locations, plus Erie, Homestead and Grove City. There are also several additional satellites and pop-up locations, including the Pittsburgh International Airport.

“If you have ever been inside our pubs, you know that we take great pride in our pub operations, putting our quirky personalities into each and every space that we build while becoming entrenched in the local community and its development,” Voelker said.

Voodoo plans to work with individuals, small business groups, community developers and local officials to develop Voodoo Brewery locations, Voelker said.