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BC-MN--Minnesota Weekend Exchange Digest, MN

February 27, 2019

Here are the Minnesota AP Member Exchange Features for March 2-4:



ST. PAUL, Minn. _ Someone has been teasing Samantha. It didn’t matter that Samantha was a doll on the teacher’s lap. Cries of outrage filled the room: “Stop saying that!” ″No way!” ″Don’t worry _ your mom loves you!” Ross smiled and put the doll aside. It had performed its duties well _ teaching a rudimentary lesson to a receptive audience. By Bob Shaw, St. Paul Pioneer Press. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1167 words, photos.


WINONA, Minn. _ The scent of vinegar permeated Joseph Cynor’s classroom on a recent afternoon, and one of his eighth-grade students wasn’t shy about letting him know. “Are you guys complaining about my smell already?” Cynor joked as he entered the room and instructed everyone to pick up a pair of safety goggles. His class was about to undertake their most dangerous experiment yet: mixing vinegar and baking soda to determine the chemical composition that would produce the biggest explosion. By Madeline Heim, Winona Daily News. SENT IN ADVANCE: 896 word, photos.



ROCHESTER, Minn. _ Jolene Hanson and Mabel Scurlock shared a single focus as they created a bowl formed from clay cutouts of their hands. The grandmother and granddaughter made sure the fingers were intertwined. Since they started last month, the Grandparent and Me classes have seen a growing interest, but the class taught by Anna Kjose was the first offered during a weekend, drawing six intergenerational teams for an afternoon of art. Randy Peterson, Post Bulletin. SENT IN ADVANCE: 669 words, photo.


SARTELL, Minn. _ Marcel Tadych doesn’t remember the exact details of the letter, but he remembers it didn’t go over well. Tadych, 89, and Canfield, 88, met while attending parochial school in Gilman, about 20 miles northeast of St. Cloud. Although their romance never blossomed in elementary school _ nor 20 years later when they dated for a week while Tadych was on leave from the Navy _ the couple just seemed to be fated to end up together. By Jenny Berg, Saint Cloud Times. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1040 words, photos.

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