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Sugar tax a job killer

April 13, 2017

Sugar tax a job killerHere we go again.Democrats in Connecticut are proposing yet another tax, this time on beverages containing sugar.As usual, the Democrats are doing it for our own good, as they are all experts in health care and obesity and know infinitely more than us about what’s good and bad for us.Also Connecticut is more than broke thanks to Democrats who know all there is to know about balancing budgets and all things fiscal and monetary. If you don’t believe me just ask them and they’ll confirm it.Yes, as mentioned in the article, Philadelphia enacted such a tax but what was left out was how that effected the city of Brotherly Love. I’ll bullet list some things that were printed in the New York Post on March 5, 2017:• PepsiCo blamed a 43 percent drop in business on the new tax and announced it would be laying off 80 to 100 area employees (out of 423).• Canada Dry gave pink slips effective March 5 to 25 of its workers.• Jeff Brown, owner of Brown’s Super Stores, says he expects to ax 300 employees at his company’s six Philadelphia ShopRite stores this spring.I guess I’ll go to my grave waiting for liberal Democrats to wake up to the fact that they are grossly inept at managing anything above a one-car funeral. They have a proven track record both locally and nationally as being inveterate job killers and overreaching controllers of our lives.The kindest thing that can be said of them on economic matters is that they are insanely incompetent.But, in their defense, they claim that they know how to lead our lives better than we do.Mull that over for a spell.Kim RasemanMilford