Thumbs up, thumbs down: Ty Detmer was a scapegoat; Shame on zealot campaigners

December 1, 2017

The Billy Joel concert on Wednesday night at Vivint Arena was tremendous. The Piano Man not only sang us some songs, but he gave the fans a say in what eight of the songs would be — putting it up for a vote via audience applause.

It seems to me that BYU head football coach Kalani Sitake used offensive coordinator Ty Detmer as a scapegoat for much of the team’s woes this season — which culminated in Sitake relieving the Cougar legend from his duties first thing Monday morning. It is true, the offense performed horribly this season. Still, Detmer undoubtedly knows more about offensive football than anyone left on staff, seeming to indicate there are bigger issues at play. Sitake better hit a home run with his next hire because another season like the last one isn’t going to cut it in Provo.

Where’s the snow? I’m shocked that it’s the end of November and one can still walk about Utah Valley without cold weather gear.

Anybody else notice photos of the Utah Valley University men’s basketball team on the sides of milk containers across the county this morning? The Wolverines made a splash playing what was billed as the Toughest 24 Hours when they took on Kentucky and Duke in back-to-back days to open the season. They got a lot of mileage out that trip, but there’s no truth to the rumor that they are retroactively titling the results of their home whipping by BYU on Wednesday as the Toughest 40 Minutes.

Shame on the zealot campaigners who outright lied to residents about issues like losing their homes in hopes of getting more support at the polls for specific candidates.

There are many, many ways to serve others all around Utah County, and it’s an honor that we get to highlight them in the paper and online. The good people are constantly doing is inspiring.

To bringing down predatory men, despite their high status in Hollywood, politics and the media. It’s time our society recognizes no type of sexual misconduct is acceptable, ever.

BYU and UVU generated a lot of excitement for college basketball in the area with their rivalry game. Even though the Cougars cruised to the win, it was great to see the UCCU Center so full.

BYU quarterback legend Ty Detmer being relieved of offensive coordinator duties is a confusing situation. Terrible offense, however, apparently necessitated change. We wish Detmer the best in whatever role he has in the future.

The news of the rise in suicide among Utah’s youth is extremely disheartening. However, we are grateful for new initiatives like United Way of Utah County’s Everyday Strong program working to tackle this tough issue at its roots.

Although the reason for his visit is controversial, President Donald Trump deserves some praise for his planned visit to Utah next week. Whether you’re for him or against him, this is an opportunity to show the president how civic participation works in the Beehive State.

While the commercial aspect of the holidays is always a bit disconcerting, it was nice being able to purchase a Black Friday deal on the web Thanksgiving morning without leaving the house.

Trump, please don’t come to Utah next week. We actually do fine without you, and we really, really don’t need your vitriol tainting our thriving economy and lifestyle.