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Positive thinking can be powerful

January 18, 2019

Often, the power of a positive attitude is underestimated, but when the going gets tough, positive thinking might just be the cure you’re looking for. More than simply making you feel better, positive thinking can actually produce several tangible benefits that go beyond emotions.

Positivity can improve your health. Negativity is the origin of stress and anxiety, both of which have major impacts on the body. While some amount of stress can be a good thing, high levels of stress produced by anxiety over long periods of time disrupt the body’s natural balances. Headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure and restlessness can all result from something as simple as a habitual negative outlook.

Positivity attracts others. If smiles are contagious, then imagine how much a positive attitude or the ability to find humor in life’s circumstances can spread. When you strive to see the best in your circumstances and in others, it won’t go unnoticed. In the first few minutes of meeting someone new, you emanate subconscious cues through body language, expression, and tone — which all overflow from our thoughts and attitude.

Positivity makes you happier. With the physical, mental and social benefits that derive from positivity, happiness is a given.

The important thing to remember is that true happiness isn’t determined by our circumstances, but by our outlook amidst all the seasons of life — the highs and the lows.

How can you practice positivity in 2019? A good place to start is to surround yourself by people who also think positively. At Parkway Place senior living community, employees are dedicated to inspiring happiness every day.

Whether you’re an active adult pursuing an independent lifestyle, or someone in need of extra support through health care services, you will find an environment of positivity, laughter, and optimism at Parkway Place.

There’s never been a better time to make your well-being a priority.

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