South Florence alumna publishes children’s book

January 31, 2019 GMT

FLORENCE, S.C. – South Florence High School alumna April Boyett self-published a children’s book titled “Geneva the Diva” in November and has plans to turn it into a series.

Boyett, who is a 1998 graduate and now lives in Pensacola, Fla., said the idea for “Geneva the Diva,” a story about a girl who loves to perform, came from her dad several years ago. She said she thinks his idea was loosely based on her as a child when she would sing and dance.

“When I was growing up and even in the high school, I was always singing or dancing,” Boyett said. “That was sort of the dream was to be a star. I was always a little bit of what the character is like where she is dressing up, putting on costumes and twirling around.”

Boyett wrote the story five or six years ago but didn’t do anything with it.

After the birth of her daughter, Kayla Kocher, in 2017 and with some encouragement from her husband, Bruce Kocher, she decided to move forward with the novel.

“He knew it was something it was something I’d been waiting to pursue for a while, and we felt that we were in a place financially where we could move forward with the project,” Boyett said.

Boyett reached out to a former high school friend, Tami Boyce, who graduated in 1997 from South Florence High, for help with illustration and advice on how to get the book published.

Boyett then went through Amazon to get “Geneva the Diva” published.

“It was most exciting the day we got the proof in the mail just to make sure everything looked good,” Boyett said. “Just to see it was exciting.”

Boyett said she wants to see the series continue and tell stories of Geneva going on adventures.

After the online release, Boyett is now working toward getting print copies of the book in local stores.

Since the book’s release 12 people have reviewed it with five stars on Amazon, Boyett said. She also said her daughter’s day care has been using the book with 4- and 5-year-olds, and the day care people think it is a good book for that age group because it has rhymes and allows the children to learn to read.