Communal violence in central Mali kills at least 20 people

November 15, 2019

BAMAKO, Mali (AP) — Mali’s government says at least 20 people were killed in central Mali after an attack on a Fulani village as communal violence increases in the region.

The government said Friday that Mali’s army found the bodies Wednesday in the village of Peh. It said unidentified gunmen dressed as traditional hunters came from a nearby village in Burkina Faso. Malian forces went to the village after hearing of the night attack, forcing the assailants to abandon stolen livestock. The government said they are searching for the attackers.

The assault comes as communal violence between Fulani herders and Dogon hunters increases over territory and resources. The Fulani are often targeted because of their alleged association with jihadist groups as Islamic extremist threats grow along the Mali and Burkina Faso border region.