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National Headliner Award Winners

March 24, 1999

List of the winners of the 65th annual National Headliner Awards, by category followed by the first, second and third-place finishers:


Spot news by newspaper with circulation under 75,000: Greeley (Co.) Tribune staff, ``It Ends Here″; The (Johnstown, Pa.) Tribune Democrat, Kirk Swauger and Jason Green for ``10 Miles of Terror″; (Salem, Ore.) Statesman Journal, staff for ``High School Shooting.″

Spot news by newspaper with circulation over 75,000: The Boston Globe, Doreen Iudica Vigue and Brian MacQuarrie for coverage of fatal shootings at Connecticut Lottery headquarters; The (Portland) Oregonian, staff, for ``Thurston High School Shootings″; St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, staff, for ``Deadly Rampage.″

News beat coverage or news series by newspaper with circulation under 75,000: Duluth (Minn.) News-Tribune, Kendra Rosencrans and Craig Lincoln, for ``Death Beds″; no second- or third-place award given.

News beat coverage or news series by newspaper with circulation over 75,000: The Boston Globe, John Yemma and Daniel Golden, for ``Harvard: The Cost of Excellence″; The Orlando Sentinel, Juliet Macur, for ``Cheating in NASCAR″; The (Portland) Oregonian, Mark O’Keefe, for ``Christianity Under Siege.″

Local interest column on a variety of subjects: The Miami Herald, Fred Grimm; The Palm Beach (Fla.) Post, Frank Cerabino; The Miami Herald, Carl Hiaasen.

Special or feature column on one subject: Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal, Regina Brett, for ``Breast Cancer″; The Wall Street Journal, Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, for ``Wine″; Star Tribune of Minneapolis, Kristin Tillotson for ``Pop Culture.″

Editorial writing: The (Monroe, La.) News-Star, David Barham; Los Angeles Times, Alex Raksin; Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader, Jamie Lucke.

Sports writing or sports column by an individual: Los Angeles Times, Bill Plaschke; The (Baltimore) Sun, Tom Keyser; The Miami Herald, Michelle Kaufman.

Feature writing on a variety of subjects: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Larry Bingham; The Wall Street Journal, Roger Thurow; The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, Paige Williams.

Investigative reporting: The Wall Street Journal, Alix Freedman, for ``Population Bomb″; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Bill Moushey, for ``Win At All Costs″; Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle, Gary Craig, for ``Wrongly Convicted.″

Public service: The Miami Herald, staff, for ``Voter Fraud″; Orange County (Calif.) Register, Laura Saari and Dan Anderson, for ``Motel Children″; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Mary Hargrove, Linda Satter, Patrick Henry and Stephen Thornton, for ``Juvenile Justice: The War Within.″

Business news coverage and-or commentary by an individual or staff: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Carrie Teegardin, for ``Forgive Us Our Debts″; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Steve Massey, for ``Who Killed Westinghouse?″; The (Spokane, Wash.) Spokesman-Review, Alison Boggs and Hannelore Sudermann, for ``Key Tronic.″

Editorial cartoons: The Christian Science Monitor, Clay Bennett; The (Portland) Oregonian, Jack Ohman; The Cincinnati Enquirer, Jim Borgman.


Coverage of a major news event or topic: Newsweek, Michael Isikoff and Evan Thomas, for ``The Monica Lewinsky Story″; Fortune, Richard Behar, for ``Wall Street’s Most Ruthless Financial Cannibal″; National Law Journal, Mark Ballard, for ``Allstate’s Master Plan.″

Feature writing by an individual on a variety of subjects: Philadelphia Magazine, Stephen Fried; Time, Steve Lopez; Newsweek, Rick Marin.

Special column on one subject: Time, Dan Kadlec, for ``Stock Market Columns″; U.S. News & World Report, Gloria Borger, for ``On Politics″; Hemispheres, freelance writer John Rosemond, for ``Family Counselor.″


Coverage of a major news event or topic: The Associated Press, Kenneth Guggenheim and Niko Price, for ``Hurricane Mitch″; Hearst Newspapers, Stewart M. Powell and Marcia Stepanek, for ``Eye on the Fed″; Newhouse News Service, Beth Frerking, for ``Foster Care.″

Feature writing: The Associated Press, Helen O’Neill; Copley News Service, S. Lynne Walker; The Associated Press, Sharon Cohen.

Special columns on one subject: Dow Jones Newswire, Jim Murphy for ``Mark to Market″; The Rick Horowitz Column, Rick Horowitz, for ``Washington and Other Contact Sports″; Gannett News Service, Mike Lopresti, for ``Sports Column.″


Newspapers: Spot news photography, single photo: Chicago Sun-Times, John H. White, for ``15-Story Fireball″; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, William Thompson, for ``Safe in Mother’s Arms″; Los Angeles Times, Alan Hagman, for ``Shock Waves.″

Newspapers: Feature photography, single photo: Orange County (Calif.) Register, Michael Goulding for ``Floating Babies″; The (Portland) Oregonian, Dana Olsen, for ``Distant Water″; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Rich Addicks, for ``Will We Look, Or Turn Away?″

Newspapers: Sports photography, single photo: Bryan-College Station (Texas) Eagle, Dave McDermand, for ``Bull Rider’s Nightmare″; Houston Chronicle, Kerwin Plevka, for ``Let Me at ’Em″; Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Paul Joseph Brown, for ``Ken Griffey, Jr.″

Magazines, News Services & Syndicates: Spot news photography, single photo: The Associated Press, Dave Martin for ``Key West Residents Battle Winds″; Time, James Nachtwey, for ``Descent into Madness″; The Associated Press, Jean-Marc Bouju, for ``Kenyans Walk A Line.″

Magazines, News Services & Syndicates: Feature photography, single photo: The Associated Press, Roberto Borea, for ``President Clinton, Hillary & Chelsea″; Time, Zed Nelson, for ``Ladies Who Load″; U.S. News & World Report, Jim LoScalzo, for ``BASIJ.″

Magazines, News Services & Syndicates: Sports photography, single photo: The Associated Press, Amy Sancetta, for ``Mark McGwire’s 61st Home Run″; Newsweek, Dave Black, for ``Michelle Kwan″; The Associated Press, Duane Burleson, for ``Detroit Tigers, Paul Bako.″

Newspapers’ informational graphics by an individual or team: San Diego Union-Tribune, Mark Nowlin, Paul Horn and Daymond Gascon; The (Portland) Oregonian, staff; The Times of Northwest Indiana, Robert W. Ahrens.

Newspapers’ illustrative graphics by an individual or team: Newsday, Gary Viskupic; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Daniel Marsula; The (Portland) Oregonian, staff.

Graphics, either informational or illustrative, by an individual or team for magazines, news services, syndicates: Knight Ridder Tribune, Tracie Michelle Tso; Gannett News Service, Frank Pompa; The Associated Press, Justin Gilbert.

Best of show: The Wall Street Journal, Alix Freedman, for ``Population Bomb.″


Best Newscast: KTRH, Houston, noon newcast; CBS Radio News, New York, Bill Lynch and Steve Baltin for ``CBS World News Roundup″; ABC News Radio, New York, Jon Belmont for ``ABC Information Network Newscast at 5.″

Public Service: WUSL, Philadelphia for ``Stop the Violence-Increase the Peace″; WTN Radio, Nashville, Tenn., Jerry Dahmen for ``When Violence Hits Home″; KNX Newsradio, Los Angeles, David P. Ysais for ``Drug Free Day.″

Investigative Reporting: WBAL, Baltimore, Linda Foy for ``You Have the Look″; WSYR, Syracuse, N.Y., for ``Lincoln Park Drive Fire″; KTRH of Houston, Stephen Dean, ``AIDS Medicine Denied.″

Coverage of a live news event: KTRH, ``Abortion Clinic Attacks″; WSM, Nashville, Tenn., Jerry Dahmen, ``Nashville’s Tornado″; Minnesota Public Radio for ``Tornado Companion.″

Documentary or series of reports: WBUR-FM, Boston, Bruce Gellerman and Sam Fleming, for ``City Stories″; WCAL, Northfield, Minn., ``For Kids Sake″; KTAR Radio, Phoenix, Jayme West for ``Y2K: The Final Countdown.″

Feature or human interest story: USC Radio, Los Angeles, Kate Long, Eve Epstein and J.J. Yore for ``Marketplace″ program on Robert F. Kennedy and Dry Branch Holler; Lichtenstein Creative Media Inc., New York, Bill Lichtenstein, June Peoples and Dr. Fred Goodwin, for ``Men & Suicide: The Tragedy of J. Timothy Hogan″; WAMC, Northeast Public Radio, Albany, N.Y., Joe Donahue for ``Sesame Street, 30 Years.″

Best of Show: USC Radio, Los Angeles, Kate Long, Eve Epstein and J.J. Yore for ``Marketplace″ program on Robert F. Kennedy and Dry Branch Holler.


Newscast: KXTV, Sacramento, Calif., Tracy Brogden, Ron Comings and Grant Howlett for ``News at 6″; KSHB-TV, Kansas City, Caroline Flinchum for ``News at 6:30″; WAVY, Portsmouth, Va., for 6 p.m. news.

Coverage of a spot news event: WTVT, Tampa, Fla., Phil Metline for ``Police Shootings″; KPRC-TV, Houston, Nancy Shafran, for ``Tropical Storm Francis″; WCVB-TV, Boston, Jack Harper and Anthony Everett, for ``Pembroke Tragedy.″

Public service: WCVB-TV, Boston, Lisa Grace for ``Healthbeat Project″; WSOC-TV, Charlotte, N.C., for ``School Tools″; KXTV, Sacramento, Calif., Lisa Casalegno for ``Mentors: Helping Kids Succeed.″

Documentary or series: WANE, Fort Wayne, Ind., Karen Hensel for ``Christopher″; Detroit Public Television and Fast Forward Films, Arthur Kent, for ``A Wedding in Basra″; WTVI, Charlotte, N.C., Steve Crump, for ``Airmen and Adversity.″

Investigative reporting: WTXF-Fox Philadelphia, Jim Barry, John Campbell, Sam Zeff, Jennifer Snell, Denise Haley and Brad Nav, for ``Troubled Transit, SEPTA″; KTBC-TV, Austin, Texas, Brian Collister, Jose Esqueda and Steve Klime for ``Smuggling Babies″; WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh, Jim Parsons for ``Tracking Down a Child Molester.″

Sports Reporting: News 12 Long Island, Thomas Auiles for ``Target″; KXAS-TV Fort Worth, Texas, John Rhadigan, Steve Lemonds, Victor Dominguez for ``Puerto Rico: Dreams Going Home″; WTTG-TV, Washington, D.C., Brett Haber for ``David Kopay: NFL Outcast.″

Informational graphics: WSOC-TV, Charlotte, N.C., Barrie Terrell.


Newscast: ABC News/Discovery Channel for ``Discovery News″; CNN, Judy Woodruff and Bernard Shaw for ``Inside Politics.″

Coverage of a major news event: ABC News, Jackie Judd, for ``Crisis In The White House″; CNN for coverage of impeachment proceedings and air strikes against Iraq; ABC News/Discovery Channel for ``John Glenn: A Pioneer Returns.″

Feature or human interest story: ABC News 20/20, Barbara Walters, Martin Clancy, Andrea Amiel and Victor Neufeld for ``At Home With Bob & Michelle″; Dateline NBC, Steve Handelsman and John Block, for ``A Boy’s Life″; WTVT, Tampa, Fla., Ellen MacVay, Larry Towre and Cynthia Smoot for ``A Real Horse Whisperer.″

Documentary or series: Turner Original Productions for ``Dying to Tell the Story″; ABC News, Lisa Zeff for ``As It Happened: Tragedy Over Lockerbie″; CNN for ``Cold War.″

Investigative reporting: ABC News, Prime Time Live, Diane Sawyer for ``Sound Advice″; Dateline NBC, Meade Jorgensen for ``NYPD Blues?″; Dateline NBC, Joe Ferullo for ``True Believers.″

News magazine: Dateline NBC, Andy Court and Victor Arango, for ``Children of the Harvest″; ABC News 20/20, Diane Sawyer, Robbie Gordon and Sarah Walker for ``Before It’s Too Late″; Dateline NBC, Susan Adams Brock for ``The Last Mile.″

Sports reporting: Dateline NBC, Matthew Lombardi for ``Hoop Dreams″; ABC News/Discovery Channel for ``Ultimate Performance: The Science of Olympic Competition″; CNN/Sports Illustrated, Greg Amante, for ``Page One: Sosa in Dominican Republic.″

Best of Show: Turner Original Productions for ``Dying to Tell the Story.″

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