Foo Fighters fan Lucas Gregetz basks in the glow of his ‘Monkey Wrench’ jam at Blossom

July 27, 2018 GMT

Foo Fighters fan Lucas Gregetz basks in the glow of his ‘Monkey Wrench’ jam at Blossom

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Courtesy works, even in rock ‘n’ roll. Just ask Lucas Gregetz, who managed to wangle his way onto the Blossom Music Center stage with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters Wednesday night.

Lucas, 17, was in the pit with his dad, Steve, and flashing a sign that said, “Let Me Jam Monkey Wrench Please.″

“It said ‘Please’ because we’re Canadian and we’re polite,″ Lucas said Friday in a call from his home in Essex, Canada, outside Windsor, Ontario.

The Foos traditionally invite a fan onstage to jam to the song “Monkey Wrench. Most recently, a fellow dubbed “KISS Guy” – real name Yayo Sanchez – took to the stage with the band in Austin, Texas, in April and “blew Dave’s mind.″

Wednesday night, Grohl warned Lucas he’d have to meet or beat KISS Guy if he pulled him up onstage.

Mission accomplished.

“I practiced that song, but I hadn’t practiced it in two weeks before [the show],″ Lucas said. “My dad didn’t tell me we had seats in the pit.

“But I listened to it twice before we went in,″ said Lucas, who jams around his hometown with a bunch of musicians, but is not currently with a formal band.

As good as KISS Guy was – and he was – Lucas was hardly intimidated, and Grohl was suitably impressed.

“There was a time when he was looking at me and he said it really loud: ‘Look at all the (expletive) people!’ ″ Lucas recalled.

“I thought I’d be nervous, but once I was up there, I was ready to go,″ Lucas said.

Grohl wanted to chat a little before the song, but Lucas would have none of it.

“I said ‘Let’s do this! You can ask me (stuff) later,’ ″ said, laughing.

For those who’ve never played a venue like Blossom, the biggest issue is the inability to hear yourself onstage. It sounds ironic, but that’s the case. The amplified sound is piped out to the crowd. Onstage, while it’s hardly whisper-quiet, musicians have to use wedge monitors or – more commonly now – in-ear monitors to hear themselves and their bandmates.

“I could barely hear me,″ said Lucas, who learned his first chords from a friend of his dad only five years ago. “I wanted to make sure I was in the right scale (key) doing the solo.

“Taylor (drummer Taylor Hawkins) was pretty much leading the song,″ said Lucas. “It was pretty much me and him going at it. I could hear him best with that big kit, so I was trying to follow him.″

The Foos’ penchant for doctoring a song onstage triggered his desire to join them, Lucas said.

“They improvise a lot, and I like not knowing and trying to follow along,″ said the teen, who added that “Monkey Wrench” is his favorite Foo Fighters song.

In the end, KISS Guy Sanchez has gotten nearly 5 million views of his moment in the Foos spotlight on YouTube. Already, Lucas has almost 2,000 views of his starring role. There’s been some other media attention in his hometown – local radio and TV stations and a few print outlets have talked to him.

He asked Grohl if he could keep the big Gibson he played during the set, but was turned down.

“I didn’t expect him to give it to me,″ Lucas said.

So did he get anything, anything at all? A pick? An autograph? A signed shirt?

“No, nothing,″ Lucas said. He knows those things can be lost or misplaced. But a memory? That will last forever.

And no one can throw a “Monkey Wrench″ into that.