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Letters To The Editor 3/2/2019

March 2, 2019 GMT

Inspiring message

Editor: I read Times-Tribune columnist Chris Kelly’s story about his struggle with alcoholism (“Higher power,” Feb. 24).

That could be my story. It is similar. I am an alcoholic with almost six years’ sobriety. I am glad he shared his story. Someone reading that will see hope and seek treatment.

Kudos to Kelly for his open and raw story. One day at a time, Chris, one day at a time.




Outrage warranted

Editor: Old Forge School Director Christopher Thomas, a teacher fired from the district, apparently may seek $3.4 million in a payout for an alleged infraction of his 2017 settlement with the district.


Are you kidding? Taxpayers of Old Forge have the right to know why he was fired. The taxpayers should sue the Old Forge teachers union, which filed a grievance on Thomas’ behalf and alleged that confidentiality related to his $130,000 settlement was violated.

People should stop worrying about President Donald Trump and worry about the corruption going on in our own backyard. Yes, it’s in all towns.




Apologies awaited

Editor: Certain people write the same things without any facts.

Don’t they watch television or read this paper and why won’t they explain what illegal means to them?

We have survived for more than 200 years as the best free country in the world, which is why so many want to come here. Get rid of the corrupt politicians of both parties. The free ride is over but some people who don’t care for this country want to keep us divided.

Just look around and see what is happening. If this doesn’t bother you I say that you are part of the trouble.

I will wait until the time comes when all the investigations are over. I hope that all I see will be apologies flooding the letters column from all the people to whom party means more than the truth.





Machismo tiring

Editor: Repetition and review are two techniques for studying to remember facts, dates and concepts.

However, Sondra Myers (“Reject toxic atmosphere,” Feb. 24) repeats her same ideas in letter after letter and her statements lose their punch.

First, when a writer makes an oversimplified statement like “our allies cannot count on us,” that is fallacious. If true, then the writer should supply specific countries and their examples. While several allied countries find President Trump abrasive and unforgiving, they would gladly ask for our foreign aid if needed. Survival overcomes misgivings.


Second, the issue of trust is debatable. Clearly, those who voted for Trump trust in a president who has fulfilled his economic promises. We have a strong economy now with the highest rate of employment in a least a decade, and a first among African-Americans. Former President Barack Obama had nothing to do with this.

Third, the continuing verbal debacle about securing our southern border is circular. Some years ago Presidents Obama and Clinton and Sen. Charles Schumer held a view that a secure border was vital to our national security and sovereign nations must have borders. They held views similar to that of current Republican politicians who support a permanently defensible border due to a triple problem: drug trafficking, sex trafficking and unvetted, undocumented aliens coming into our country.

I want immigrants with strong work ethics, such as legal Hispanics, to become a vital part of our country, but with proper documentation. Yes, we must develop methods to expedite genuine asylum seekers, too.

Reviewing the past months of the political triangle involving Schumer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Trump, their machinations were detrimental to progress, national security and each citizen’s well-being. Many are disgusted with this masculine — and feminine—machismo.





Praise for VA center

Editor: I made my first trip to the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Wilkes-Barre recently.

The VA staff must have all noted my bewildered look. I was extremely impressed that five different people led me down the halls to the right office, the next office, the correct elevator and even made me detour to a records office to fax something to the VA records center in St. Louis.

We all hope to meet helpful people once in a while; I’ve never encountered five friendly, helpful individuals in one place in my 80 years. Thanks for making my visit a pleasure.




Sarcastic connection

Editor: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook page displayed a photo with a person dressed as a member of the Ku Klux Klan and another in blackface. Was that racist?

Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax was accused of sexual assault by two women. Is that misogynist?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts claimed to have American Indian ancestry. Is she a liar?

These Democratic folks must be in spirit with our horrid chief executive, who, we all know, is a misogynist, racist and liar.

It amazes me that our country has erupted in such a positive movement while at the helm we have such a waste product as President Donald Trump.




Now, that’s strange

Editor: Not only is President Trump stranger than we think, he is stranger than we can think.