Wastewater treatment repairs approved by Tomball City Council

March 7, 2019 GMT

Tomball City Council approved a contract during their meeting March 4 to repair the centrifuge at the city’s south side wastewater treatment plant.

The council awarded a $132,849 contract to Alfa Laval for centrifuge repairs, which the agenda packet states was a project recommended in a 2016 Critical Needs Assessment by Freese & Nicols.

Centrifuges are used in wastewater plants to separate solid and liquid waste, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website.

The $132,849 in repairs would help bring the centrifuge up to “a ‘like new’ condition,” the agenda packet states, whereas an entirely new centrifuge would cost over $1 million.


Tomball City Council also approved an agreement from the Tomball Economic Development Corporation to provide a $118,908 incentive to Breaux Machine Works for the purchase of new machines.

The incentive would partially pay for two lathes and a crane.

“What that would allow them to do is to bid on jobs and allow them to do new machine components that they were not able to do as well as other competitors. There really isn’t any in our area that’s able to do that,” said Kelly Violette, executive director of the TEDC.

In a letter written by owner Tommy Breaux, an additional six workers would be hired as machine operators and one as support personnel.

Council agreed to reimburse ExxonMobil $123,384 for the cost of cutting and removing sections of an abandoned pipelines. Exxon Mobil would remove three sections of abandoned pipelines along the future M121 West drainage channel, which would run between Theis Road and Holderrieth Road.

“Based on the alignment of M121W drainage channel improvements, there will be a need for the city to cut and remove pipelines at three locations owned by ExxonMobil Pipeline Co.,” states the agenda packet. “ExxonMobil Pipeline Co. requires that the work is done by their company and that the city enter into a reimbursement agreement for the associated costs.”