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Gering students celebrate I Love Public Schools day

January 24, 2019 GMT

GERING — Lincoln Elementary students and staff showed their school spirit Wednesday in celebration of I Love Public Schools Day.

Teachers were dressed in their I Love Public Schools T-shirts as they continued their responsibilities as educators through engaging lessons and craft activities.

First-graders in Amaris Renteria’s class wrote 100 reasons why they love schools. Renteria said they plan to hang the students’ reasons on a classroom wall.

“I love Daily 5,” said first-grader Tristan Flood. “That means you do stuff like you get to go on the computers, you get books, you get a buddy, and you can work by yourself in the classroom.”

Flood said what he loves about Lincoln Elementary is when the zoo brings an animal to the school, the food, and his teacher.

Students in all grades shared how they like their teachers at Lincoln because they prepare them for a successful life.

“I like school because it gives me a great education for the future and great knowledge,” said fourth-grader Raiya Reinmuth. “It also gives me a chance to learn life experiences. I have an amazing teacher.”

Students who attend public schools have access to a variety of extracurricular activities and unique learning opportunities within a safe environment. At Lincoln, the staff work hard to ensure students grow and are excited to learn.

“I love coming to school and being greeted by the kids every day, their excitement, and the challenges we face each day,” said third grade teacher Angie Brester. “I hope that they grow in their knowledge. I hope that they feel safe and I hope that they understand they mean a lot to us and we care about their education.”

As each grade worked on filling out three hearts about why they love Lincoln Elementary, Megan Pieper’s second-graders talked about how Lincoln Elementary is a public school, how much principal Pam Barker does for the school, and how the faculty and students are kind.

“I like all my teachers and all my friends,” said Emme Tofflemire.

With the district’s focus on preparing students for their future, whether that entails attending college or entering the workforce, Lincoln Elementary Principal Pam Barker said their plan is to expose students to a variety of leaders and establish a culture of self-empowerment. As part of that self-empowerment, students are setting goals to grow their leadership skills.

“The students love the teachers so much because the teachers help us get smarter, so we can have a bright future,” said fourth-grader Angelina Ranalletti. “We also write goals for our life.”

Students are engaging in challenging content and are asking questions about their future as teachers and faculty work to prepare the future leaders of our democracy. I Love Public Schools Day provides an opportunity for students and staff to reflect on how public education is teaching youth the skills of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Third-grader Nash Schwartzkopf said, “I love public schools because you can get better grades so when you’re older, you can have a better college or a better job.”