Reader View: Treason at the highest level

December 25, 2016

Not long ago, Lysander, age 11, was diving in one of the most remarkable refuges on Earth in the Gulf of California, an area that enchanted John Steinbeck, mesmerized Jacques Cousteau and was honored as an oceanic conservation victory by Sylvia Earle. This refuge came back from years of overfishing and neglect. Now it is an oceanic wonder. Turtles feed like the gentle ballerinas of the oceans, and I even saw a pod of orcas where they have rarely been sighted.

On the other side of the world, the Barrier Reef is in free fall because of the last year’s huge El Niño cycle. It has been the warmest year on record. Coincidentally, the Paris climate agreement, signed by 200 nations on Earth, has gone into action. Remarkably, America selected, rather than elected, someone who once urged President Barack Obama to be cognizant of climate change but who now thinks or feels that it is fiction, a hoax. People will soon see that they voted against their own good across the spectrum, on every level. America has just shot itself in the head.

Secretary of State John Kerry knows that the battle is bigger than the U.S., even if America dares pull out of the most significant treaty in the history of the world. A certain organizer of a well-attended film festival for wildlife told me upon Donald Trump’s selection that we should celebrate. What he does not realize is that the entire immune system of the planet is up for grabs.

I say “selection,” because voter suppression is akin to treason. Hundreds of thousands of voters, poor, black and other were not allowed to cast their vote, which swayed several states in the Electoral College for Trump, alias dynamite, and was prepared several years ago. It is treason to hijack the system.

The powers that be — the oil and coal cartels — might be relishing this moment, but the life-support system of Earth is on its knees. It is no coincidence that 2020 is the point of no return for Native elders. The Paris accord has barely come into being, and the second largest polluter on Earth threatens to disengage just as China becomes the world’s solar power house.

Life on Earth cannot be a partisan issue. Will our son, Lysander, be able to dive, let alone walk, with anything other than robots in 20 to 40 years? If you think kids are on drugs now, imagine in a generation. Imagine the social unrest when nationalism, failing ecosystems and collapsing economies start to be the norm. What could have been a livable, tolerable century was dismantled by a party symbolized by the elephant, whose slaughter continues. That they have chosen such a logo is the greatest mismatch in human consciousness, and history will take note that the Republican Party helped hijack the life-support system of Earth.

America, you selected someone who was born with a diamond-studded platinum spoon in his mouth and who has no relation to reality, children, the unemployed or the planet. He is stacking his Cabinet with the Wall Street money crowd, with zero thought to your future welfare. You just voted for the cream of the top 1 percent. You just selected Caligula for president. We must do everything in our power to disarm, because the tens of billions of dollars wasted to modernize nuclear weapons is money that will be sorely needed against climate change.

Things can be reversed — like the level of mercury poisoning in Atlantic tuna, which has dropped 20 percent in the last few years. If given a chance, nature can heal herself. We cannot let one man’s vision dictate the future.

Cyril Christo, and his wife, Marie will soon release their 10-years-in-the-making feature documentary on the future of the elephant with their son, Lysander, and are working on their new book, Lords of the Earth — The Entwined Destiny of Wildlife and Humanity.