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Mugger Sues Man Who Caught Him

May 12, 1990 GMT

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ A cab driver who pinned a mugger against a wall with his car until police arrived has been sued by the robber, who said he suffered a leg injury.

Ocie J. McClure, 24, who is serving an 8-year sentence for robbery, filed a $5 million personal injury suit against Holden C. Hollom and Luxor Cab Co.

″His leg still has not healed,″ said James Rawlins, McClure’s attorney. ″My understanding from doctors is he’ll never walk correctly on that leg again.″

Hollom, a part-time stunt driver who drove in the movie ″Bullit,″ said he chased McClure on May 2, 1989, after seeing him knock a woman down and grab her purse.

″I yelled ‘Halt 3/8’ and rammed him against the wall of the corner of the building″ at about 7 mph, Hollom said Friday.

″This was deadly force,″ said Rawlins. ″The police department isn’t allowed to use so much force.″

Hollom’s attorney, Joseph Breall, says the driver should be ″completely exonerated.″

″If you’re being mugged, you would want people to step in to help you,″ said Breall. ″It’s an unfortunate situation in our society when a mugger turns around and sues for personal injury.″

Hollom said McClure walked to an ambulance after he was hit.

″I guess he’s mad at me because I didn’t send him a Mother’s Day card,″ the cabbie said.