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Young Entrepreneur Uses $100,000 of His Own Money to Start a Company Designed to Save and Plant Trees

February 14, 2019 GMT

8 Billion Trees is a Business that is Prioritizing the Cause of Actually Planting 8 Billion Trees Around The World, While Setting the Example of How a Cause Centric Business Can Succeed

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 14, 2019 / The founders of 8 Billion Trees are pleased to announce the launch of a new company that has one simple mission: to change the world, one tree at a time.

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As a company spokesperson noted, one of the company’s co-founders was so passionate about helping the Earth by saving and planting trees, the young entrepreneur used $100,000 of his own money to launch 8 Billion Trees.

According to their Facebook page,, the company, which was founded on November 10, 2018, is off to an amazing start. To date, the company has already planted trees in 18 countries and has funded the conservation of over 83,000 acres of existing forest.


As the founders understand quite well, climate change, deforestation and pollution are threatening the environment. Another negative the founders realized that society was facing, is that many people see businesses as negative entities, paying their employees as little as possible, while destroying the planet.

This inspired the founders to launch 8 Billion Trees, and create a business that treats its workers exceptionally well, while doing good in the world. Or, as the company’s Instagram page,, explains it, to live up to its name and plant 8 billion trees around the world.

“For every single member, we plant 10 trees per month,” the spokesperson noted, adding that in order to do this, 8 Billion Trees partners with various groups throughout the world.

“By sponsoring these organizations, we can reach a global population and make sure trees are being planted in the most effective way possible.”

According to the young entrepreneur who used his own capital to launch the new company, while there are many amazing non-profits doing great work, 8 Billion Trees wants to do things a little differently. Many non-profits do amazing work but lack funding to make the impact they otherwise could. 8 Billion Trees wants to use the revenue generating ability of a business to help get more funds to these amazing organizations.

“8 Billion Trees wants to prove to the world a business can do better by prioritizing good causes,” he said.

“In our ideal world large businesses would be competing for customers dollars by showing how much real good they can do in the world. Wouldn’t that be great?”

About 8 Billion Trees:

At 8 Billion Trees, their mission is simple: change the world one tree at a time. By purchasing a bracelet, membership or other product from 8 Billion Trees people directly fund the planting of at least 10 trees. For more information, please visit


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