Aiken Tech gives update on effects of government shutdown

January 17, 2019

Aiken Technical College, like USC Aiken, has seen impacts from the government shutdown affecting students seeking financial aid.

Some students are having difficulties obtaining tax transcripts to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) forms, as IRS services have been affected by the shutdown.

Some students completing FAFSA forms are also facing difficulties obtaining verification of non-filing taxes from the IRS and other tax authorities, according to a statement from Aiken Technical College.

“Access to affordable education is important to us and to the students and families we serve,” Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Vinson Burdette said in the statement.

To help students complete their FAFSA applications, a signed copy of federal tax returns may be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid in lieu of a tax transcript during the partial government shutdown.

Students are also being allowed to submit a signed statement of non-filing and a copy of IRS W-2 forms to help hurdle the obstacle of verification for non-filing taxes from the IRS.

Burdette also said Aiken Tech is scheduling entry-level courses that will begin on Feb. 6, three weeks after the start of the spring semester.

“The offering of these courses will provide students the time they need to obtain financial aid without significantly delaying the start of their college education,” Burdette said.

The college’s Office of Financial Aid is available to answer students’ questions on how the shutdown may affect their financial aid process. Aiken Tech also offers payment plan options for students who “want to begin their college education, but are still working through the financial aid process,” according to the statement.