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Spending quality time with family

December 11, 2017

Everyone has a favorite Christmas tradition — whether it’s going to Mass, visiting Santa Claus or just spending quality time with family. For me choosing just one tradition is difficult because I absolutely love Christmas and everything about it.

If I had to pick the Christmas tradition that I look most forward to every year, I would choose opening presents around the tree with my family. One reason I chose this was because I get to spend quality time with my family members and we’re all jolly. Another reason was because I love Christmas decorations, especially lit up Christmas trees like the one my family sits around during this tradition.

Finally, I chose this one because I mean, who doesn’t like opening presents?

The Christmas tradition that’s my second favorite is looking at all the Christmas decorations. I love driving around town at night and seeing all the houses lit up with Christmas lights. It’s so pretty and cool! I especially love the big Christmas tree in the middle of the street downtown in West Point.

Opening Christmas presents and looking at Christmas lights made the top of my favorite Christmas traditions list because they are two activities I do with my family that we all enjoy doing.

Each Christmas season I look forward to not just these two Christmas traditions but all the Christmas traditions my family, friends and I have.