Man meets off-duty officer who saved him when he was choking

June 8, 2019 GMT

YORK, S.C. (AP) — Benjamin “Jamie” Brock II walked into the York Police Department recently. He was looking for someone he never met.

Kind of.

He was looking for an officer who saved his life when Brock was choking.

Officer Pierre King walked into the police department lobby. He wore a bulletproof vest and carried a gun and a badge.

Brock stuck out his hand for a shake and said to King: “Thank you for saving my life.”

King broke into a smile and gestured at Brock’s kids, wife, mother and more family.

’I am glad you are still here for this great family,” King said.


On May 11, King was off-duty when he performed life-saving maneuvers on Brock at a Rock Hill steakhouse, according to police and Brock’s family.

King and his family were at Longhorn Steakhouse that night to celebrate his oldest son’s graduation from the University of South Carolina. That’s when King heard a woman screaming for help.

“I heard the call for help and went right over,” King said.

Brock’s wife, Kimberly, was the one screaming.

“I was hollering,” Kimberly Brock said. “My husband was eating and he started choking. I tried to help him but it didn’t work. I was yelling and looked around and saw this guy with a military or police look.”

That guy was King.

King said he used life-saving techniques he’s been trained to use.

“All I knew is that I was not going to let this man die,” King said.

King was finally able to dislodge the food from Brock’s throat. Emergency medical workers arrived and rushed Jamie Brock to the hospital.

“I never even saw who helped me,” Jamie Brock said. “Until today.”

Brock said he found out from doctors that he was choking because he had an allergic reaction to the food.

“The doctors told us that if officer King had not helped Jamie, he would not have lived,” Kimberly Brock said. “Pierre King saved my husband. He saved our kids’ father. He is our hero.”

The group who came to thank King in person included Jamie and Kimberly, Jamie’s mom and sister and three of their kids.

Dianne Jackson, Jamie Brock’s mother, called King an angel.

“God put you there that day,” Jackson said. “You saved my son’s life. He is here today because of you.”

York Police Department Chief Andy Robinson gave King a department commendation award for life-saving.

“A police officer does not stop serving when the uniform comes off after a shift,” Robinson said. “And this didn’t even happen in York. Pierre King went above and beyond that day. He saved a life.”


Photos were taken and hugs handed out. Smiles filled the police department. The Brocks gave King a gift card, thank you cards, and a hand-written, framed letter.

Then King had to go back to work as a resource officer at a school in York. The Brock family went home to Rock Hill.

King told the family he was thankful to have helped and that the family owed him nothing.

“You would do the same for me,” King told Jamie Brock.

Jamie said he sure would. But he also told King that he would forever be grateful.

“I owe you my life,” Brock told King.


Information from: The Herald, http://www.heraldonline.com