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Your Turn: Jan. 25

January 25, 2019 GMT

They’ll be a targetI think people are sadly mistaken when they preach arming school teachers as a means to protect students.In a school shooting, where law enforcement officers are called upon to rush into a building with the knowledge that there is an armed person or people wandering around shooting students, the first individual they see with a weapon in his hand will be a target. Shoot first and ask questions afterward. Self-preservation. That’s human nature.Jesse OrtizShutdown solutionThere has been a lot of flapping lately about the partial shutdown of the federal government, and the majority of the public discussion seems to revolve around whether a wall should be extended or improved along the southern border of the U.S.I believe the proper issue that should be occupying the minds of the public is: “How do we see that politicians suffer significantly whenever a disagreement among them results in a shutdown, such as the one now, while Congress spends its time taking vacations and the president runs around holding press conferences and such?”I think the best way to accomplish this would be the following: All employees on furlough or unpaid status, as well as their adult relatives and friends, send five letters each. One to the president, one to the vice president, one to each senator from his or her state, and one to his or her representative in the House stating something like, “If you do not end this shutdown in the next five days, you may be assured I will vote against you in the next primary election, thus ensuring the end of your political career.”If each of them had five others to support him or her, that would be nearly 5 million votes, enough to terrify all politicians in the country. The advantage of mentioning the primary election is you preserve your ability to select any party in the general election, while ensuring the people causing the problem leave.With any luck, we could elect a group that would vote to cancel retirement for those who create a situation like the current one, and we might just have seen our last shutdown.Joseph A. DurusauWall, LSD; all goodOur president told us — in an important national address — that some say building a wall will reduce the crime rate in our country by as much as 50 percent.I feel so much better now. Just like when Timothy Leary told us, “Some say LSD is always a good trip.” And when the cigarette industry told us, “Some say that smoking cigarettes is perfectly safe.” And some say that global warming is not connected, in any way, to human activity.I will sleep well now!John OlmsteadThey trespassed, tooRe: “Get them out,” Your Turn, Sunday:I concur with letter writer John Gretz on the issue of illegal immigration. Legal immigration should be the only option.What Mr. Gretz does not address is the fact that an inordinate number of businesses continually hire these folks illegally. It saves business owners money. Until this practice is totally eliminated, people seeking work will continue to come illegally.Mr. Gretz is quick to address the issue of trespassing and the serious actions that should be taken to punish those who break the law. I wonder if Mr. Gretz’s ancestors noticed the “No Trespassing” sign when they landed at Plymouth Rock and/or any other port of entry available at the time. This was not your land or property; it belonged the native Americans. Too bad they didn’t have jails or hefty fines then.Rogelio SaucedoDon’t overdo itIt is a great thing when so many people are set to run for president in 2020. I am happy to see the interest in serving our government, which is our people of the United States. For the Democrats who have announced their intentions, I suggest the following: Do not promise what is not feasible.They are promising to work for free universal health care, free post-high school education and guaranteed employment, among other issues. Please do not overdo it.Look at who we have now. We have President Donald Trump and his pledge to build the wall. Even he must have known it was not feasible — Mexico was not going to pay for it, and surely our taxpaying citizens cannot afford such an expense.Look at our most recent history. We have federal employees living without a paycheck because we have a president who now has his back against the wall and no way out, trying to save face for making promises that just didn’t make sense.I am for the betterment of service to all citizens and education for all. But please do not go overboard. Work on what is feasible. Let’s take it one step at a time.Santos HernandezCastro disappointsIt’s so disappointing to see Julián Castro spouting the same old venom coming from all the Trump-hating Democrats in Congress. He couldn’t wait to jump in the mix and condemn our president for the outrageous lies set forth in the now-debunked Buzzfeed report. Before Mueller could even respond and set the record straight that the report was full of lies, Castro was out in front calling for Trump’s impeachment. And this man wants to be president? I don’t think so.Rand DennisWhat’s wrong?Re: “Latino, period” Your Turn, Jan. 18:Carlos Hernandez took offense to Gilbert Garcia’s excellent column referring to Julián Castro as the “Latino Barack Obama”— so, what’s wrong with that? Many Latinos love former President Barack Obama; even Nancy Pelosi does and she loves no one, especially President Donald Trump.Shirley Swift