Mexico expects US to ramp up deportations in coming days

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican officials say they expect 1,807 Mexicans who have been issued final deportation orders in the U.S. to be returned to their country in the coming days.

Officials at the Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry say there was no indication of an uptick in arrests of Mexicans without visas in major U.S. cities as of mid-Sunday, as warned by U.S. President Donald J. Trump, but that Mexican consulates are ready with legal assistance for additional migrants caught in sweeps.

Foreign Relations Minister Marcelo Ebrard said, “we expect in the next few days 1,807 people who already have final deportation orders to be deported.”

For its part, Mexico deported 364 Hondurans back to their country on Friday and Saturday alone, part of an effort to reduce arrivals of Central American migrants in the U.S.