ESPN captures Frost tackling grueling 24-mile hike through the Grand Canyon

June 15, 2018 GMT

Scott Frost has embarked on many adventures in the past year alone.

He quickly turned around a college football program at Central Florida. He’s been asked to revive Nebraska’s.

He entered fatherhood last fall.

Recently, NU’s first-year head coach tackled the Grand Canyon, and it was captured by ESPN cameras for the latest episode of “Marty Smith’s America,” which aired Thursday night.

Frost teamed up with a group of friends for the trip. Their journey: A grueling 24-mile rim-to-rim hike in the Grand Canyon, which included an excursion to the Colorado River and back up.

The hike officially began at 4 a.m., and the team approached a sign that stated hiking to the Colorado River is not recommended due to long distance, extreme heat and a nearly 5,000-foot elevation change.

“Doing 24 miles in day is not only discouraged, it’s downright dangerous,” Smith pointed out.

So what drove Frost to this 13-hour challenge?

“I think anytime you’re a leader you have to let your people see that you’re willing to do some of things that they’re doing and work as hard as the’re doing,” Frost told Smith as they admired the scenery.

Leading the group was Eric Kapitulik, an ex-Marine force recon platoon commander, a good friend of Frost and, as Smith calls him, “an overall badass.”

Kapitulik is also the founder and CEO of The Program, a military-based training program. Frost has used The Program at UCF, and it appears he’ll do so at Nebraska, too.

In the segment, Frost tells Smith that he and Kapitulik have been to South Africa to swim with sharks in cages, and they’ve hiked seven mountain peaks and 27 miles in one day in New Hampshire.

Marty Smith Hikes the Grand Canyon with Nebraska’s Scott Frost from ESPNFrontRow on Vimeo.

Once they reached the Colorado River, Frost and Smith reflected on the importance of these experiences.

“We get so busy with football, and I think it’s really easy in the world today, and especially in our job, to get focused on so much on what’s right in front of you,” said Frost, donning a Nebraska hat and shirt. “To forget how many great things are out there, and being here in the Grand Canyon with some good friends and some people that I respect and enjoy being around makes for a special adventure.

“This clears my mind, too. We’ve got a lot going on and being able to get away from everything and have peace with the world and think about what’s important, I think that’s important to do once in awhile.”

Smith, an ESPN reporter, had some other goods in the Thursday episode of “Marty Smiths America.” He hung out with Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh in France, played basketball with Alabama coach Nick Saban, and roped cattle with Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher.