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Halle Berry insists her Oscars win was significant

June 30, 2017

Halle Berry feels “disappointed” by the lack of diversity at the Oscars since her win in 2002 - but she recognizes the significance of her success.

The 50-year-old beauty recently said that her Best Actress award for her performance in ‘Monster’s Ball’ “meant nothing” because it ultimately didn’t open the door for other African-American performers.

But Halle has clarified her remarks, saying: “Of course it meant something, you saw me up there I was speechless.

“I guess I’m just disappointed that there has not been another woman [of color] in 15 years that has stood on that stage like I did that night. That’s just wildly disappointing for me.”

In the long term, Halle hopes that more opportunities will be afforded to African-American actresses.

She told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “I hope that in the next years to come, someone else stands there and we continue to evolve and grow and that more projects are made for women of color because the more work we have, the better, [and] the more chances we have to be there.”

Halle also admitted to being impressed by Israeli actress Gal Gadot’s recent performance in the ‘Wonder Woman’ movie, which has already grossed more than $650 million worldwide.

She said: “Gal Gadot is setting the stage for women of all races, so good for her and good for Wonder Woman!”

By contrast, Halle said earlier this week that her Oscars success felt hollow because it failed to open the door for other African-Americans.

She shared: “That moment really meant nothing. It meant nothing. I thought it meant something but I think it meant nothing.”

As a result, Halle is eager to use her own star status to create more stories and opportunities for minority groups in Hollywood.

She said: “It inspired me to get involved in other ways, which is why I want to start directing, I want to start producing more. I want to start being a part of making more opportunities for people of color.”

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