Letters To The Editor 10/29/2018

October 29, 2018 GMT

Ads with impact

Editor: As a sometimes bemused follower of politics, two commercials this year are unlike anything I have seen before.

During the primary election season, Republican Scott Wagner declared that he is a “garbage man.”

Recently, Denny Wolff, the Democratic candidate for U.S. representative in the 9th Congressional District, started airing a TV ad referring to his opponent as Dan “manure” Meuser.

Surely, these are two for the books.




Wagner has answers

Editor: President Trump has ushered in an economic boom.

After eight years of President Obama’s failed policies, Trump has overseen massive U.S. growth. He endorses Republican Scott Wagner for governor. In Wilkes-Barre, Trump said Wagner will make a good governor and in Erie recently he reiterated his full endorsement.

Wagner is the governor we need to get Harrisburg in order, like Trump is doing with the Washington swamp. Wagner is running on an agenda to lower taxes, reduce regulations and improve our infrastructure.

In Pennsylvania we have thousands of open skilled-labor positions, yet our unemployment rate is higher than the national average. Wagner is passionate about getting young people trained in the trades. There are many opportunities for young people to jump right into the workforce after technical school and make a great wage and Wagner has introduced policies that would make that a reality.

Wagner also is endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses. He knows about job creation.




Heck of a record

Editor: He said he was not a racist, but claimed his predecessor was a Muslim from Africa.

He’s a genius, but got kicked out of elementary school, graduated from a reform school, got into Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania based on his father’s pull. Along the way, he earned no honors.

He got a tiny loan, but built his empire on his own. Actually, his father gave him almost $500 million and bailed him out of many failures. He said he would but didn’t show his tax returns, probably because he’s close to broke, stiffs charities and pays no taxes. He was going to pick “the best people” to serve in his Cabinet. He wanted to ban Muslims, denied it, and then did. He lied about wanting to jail kids at the border. He opposed hate groups, except Nazis.

He was going to negotiate better deals, but hasn’t. He was going to denuclearize Iran and North Korea, but hasn’t. He supported health care, better and cheaper; tax cuts for the middle class and said he’d protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He said former President Barack Obama’s financial recovery was fake but rides on Obama’s successes.

He lies about silly stuff, too. He promised to donate a million dollars to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s favorite charity if she could prove her heritage. She did, but now he won’t pay unless he can “personally” determine her ancestry, which will “not be something (he) will enjoy.” He said he never disrespected or abused women; nearly 20 have sued him. Warren should, too.

He denies it, but video proves he made fun of people with disabilities, people who receive Holy Communion, the pope, victims of sexual abuse and journalists.

President Donald Trump supports Senate candidate Lou Barletta, a congressman who supports Trump in return. That’s true, so please vote for Sen. Bob Casey.



Reject ugliness

Editor: I have been, as many others are, disgusted by the ugliness in politics.

Nothing, however, tops the recent threat made by Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner to Gov. Tom Wolf: “I’m going to stomp all over your face with golf spikes.”

He later backpedaled, saying that he meant it metaphorically. The violent bloody image it invokes is too specific. You wonder as to the mental well-being of a person making such a statement. Though by far the most disturbing, this is hardly Wagner’s only outrageous statement. He compared union leadership to Hitler, called young workers “lazy and drug-riddled” and seniors “the greediest generation” for expecting to receive pension benefits they had paid into. He wants to tax seniors’ retirement income.

Meanwhile, he has sued nearly 7,000 of his Penn Waste customers, sometimes for being only a month late on their payments. He has pocketed millions from municipal contracts, yet refuses to put his business in a blind trust if elected and refuses to release his tax returns.

Coming close in ugliness is Rep. Lou Barletta. He came to national prominence through an illegal anti-immigration ordinance when he was mayor of Hazleton. Legal proceedings revealed it was drafted originally as a failed San Bernardino, California, ordinance by Joseph Turner, a self-described white nationalist. Barletta sits on the national advisory board of the Federation of American Immigration Reform. While sounding innocent enough, it was designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has been instrumental in bringing Ku Klux Klan-type groups to justice. It is considered a nativist extreme group started by white nationalist John Tanton. Barletta refused to resign from this group even when faced with a petition from constituents asking him to do so.

Do not support this ugliness on Election Day.




Casey falls short

Editor: Sen. Bob Casey has been in the Senate for 12 years.

A Sunday Times article from May 20 states: “Casey’s campaign produces a long list of accomplishments over his first two terms. The senator highlights four — a law that allows tax breaks for Americans with disabilities who save for future care expenses; another requires uniform reporting of college sexual assaults; a law that secured permanent health care benefits for almost 2,000 retired Pennsylvania coal miners; and money to deepen the Delaware River, for which he lobbied President Barack Obama.”

These are the highlights of a 12-year career in Washington?

He can point to his near 100 percent votes for bills supported by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Maybe it’s time for a change.