Why Bon Jovi is a lock for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

November 21, 2017 GMT

Why Bon Jovi is a lock for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

CLEVELAND, Ohio – When it comes to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominations and inductions, guarantees are like gaining a consensus. Good luck with that.

But for next year’s Induction Ceremony, taking place at Cleveland’s Public Hall, I’m willing to go out on a limb and make a guarantee: Bon Jovi will be inducted. Count on it.

No, I’m not livin’ on a prayer. There’s evidence that Bon Jovi will have a nice day on Saturday, April 14.

First, there’s the Fan Vote. While some will insist that the annual poll doesn’t actually matter, it has become the closest thing to a predictor the Rock Hall has.


Since the Fan Vote began, the top vote getter – Rush, Kiss, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chicago and Journey – has earned induction. Bon Jovi is currently in the poll position and it’s a runaway.

From a practical standpoint, the fan vote little impact on the inductions. The acts that finish in the top five are placed on ONE ballot included in the voting pool of, like, 900 people.

Yet, a trend is a trend. I don’t know if voters actually pay attention to poll, if it’s a conspiracy or just a massive coincidence. But I believe it’s something that should help fans keep the faith heading into the reveal of the inductees next month.

Another trend that’s easy to fall in and out of love with is just how many rock acts that weren’t always critical darlings, but sold a ton of records have been inducted recently. Everyone from Rush and Kiss to Chicago and Journey finally got the respect they deserve.

Those bands had trouble even earning a nomination. But Bon Jovi is on its second vote. Realistically, it’s hard to imagine a bigger push for any other band on the ballot. Just on name recognition alone, voters are likely to choose a band with half a dozen karaoke standards than someone known for one album (Sorry Dire Straits).

Then there’s this conspiracy theory that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, which airs on HBO, is all about ratings. If true, yo’ll need a headliner and Bon Jovi would be it, at least for the demographic the Rock Hall usually draws.

I’m not saying I buy into such a conspiracy. But the Rock Hall is the kind of show where you want to make a memory. A reunion between longtime guitarist Richie Sambora and his bandmates might even be sweeter than Steve Perry taking the stage with Journey (Because Sambora might actually perform).

So go ahead and plan your trip to Cleveland, Bon Jovi fans. Push all doubts aside. I know what you’re thinking – would this guy lie to me? Listen, it’s my life and I’m willing to bet it on the boys from Jersey. If I’m wrong, may I be wanted dead or alive.