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Voting age should be raised, not lowered

May 29, 2018 GMT

In the May 14 edition of the Daily Journal, Cole Lauterbach reported on Vote16USA, an organization lobbying to lower the voting age to 16 for state and/or local elections. The following day, the Journal came out with an editorial stating the concept had merit. Something didn’t set well with me about this.

Both articles quoted Brandon Klugman, who is a campaign coordinator with the National Chapter of Vote16. If you have been reading my columns, you would be aware my dad said I was always a suspicious “fella” so I did a little digging on Mr. Klugman, as well as Vote16, which is a “project” to an organization by the name of Generation Citizen.

Mr. Klugman stated in an interview that Bernie Sanders is the person he would most like to have dinner with because he “energizes” him. As you can imagine, my suspicion-radar went from zero to past 200 faster than my bathroom scale.

Wading through the comments quoted by Mr. Klugman, you will also arrive at this doozy of a reply to Mr. Lauterbach: “If they’re (16-year-old’s) already working and paying taxes, shouldn’t they have a say in that (voting) process?” After considering this reply, my reaction is an emphatic “NO!”

Any businessman in this country will tell you there is a severe shortage of reliable young people available for work today. If they’re working, it’s mostly part time (or cash) and the taxes are minimal, at best, making Klugman’s primary justification insignificant. Additionally, most of the tax money they pay is refunded.

Generation Citizen claims their mission is getting children more involved in civics, something only lightly touched upon in school. It would seem a noble project if there also didn’t seem to be a dark side to their efforts. If you read the bios of its board of directors you will find a collection of left-leaning intellectuals, foreigners, and government employees, some of which worked in the Obama White House. No surprise, I sensed Obama in this.

Follow the websites further and you would be amazed at just how well organized and layered this group has become. One has to ask, why would they be so structured in pursuit of just allowing youngsters to vote two years earlier? Why is this idea so important?

It has the feeling of nothing more than another left-wing, socialist mind-grab much like ACORN, Move-On.Org. or even the Hitler Youth. The Democratic Party, which keeps hurtling further to the left, and is constantly in search of new voters, is now trying to indoctrinate children who are not old enough to fully understand the complex issues facing the nation and world today.

What’s next — illegal immigrants voting? Oops Chicago mayor Emanuel beat you to that.

I’m not trying to tarnish our youth. I was a 16-year-old too many moons ago. Heck, I wish I was 16 again. Well, check that, make it 19…16 was pretty confusing. Suffice to say, at that age, there were a few other priorities in my life that were a little higher on the totem pole than worrying about which candidate was to receive my vote.

What young mind wouldn’t quickly adhere to an “all-that-is-free” leftist ideology? How would this be any different than welfare, in which literally multiple generations of people living on welfare continue to vote Democrat?

We have laws prohibiting 16-year-olds from about everything considered adult — alcohol, marriage, tobacco, military service, firearms, etc. We have those laws as nobody believes an impressionable youngster of 16 is mature enough to understand or handle the results of such actions.

Science states emphatically that the minds of human beings are not fully developed until about the age of 25. So, in light of all that of which is in place to protect youngsters from adult responsibilities, why would we consider allowing 16-year-olds to vote?

Can’t we just leave youngsters alone and allow them to enjoy their youth? There will be no shortage of political shenanigans in their lifetimes for them to worry about. They have the rest of their lives to be adults with all the responsibility that comes with being older.

Most are not going to take the time to truly know why or who to vote for but will instead take their direction either from home or from “leaders” like Mr. Klugman, who get “energized” by the socialist Sanders.

If we are going to change the voting age, it should be raised to 25, except for those that have served our country. And an I.D. should be required too.