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Tran’s STEM Support is Making a Difference

June 1, 2018 GMT

Senator Dean Tran’s recent efforts to improve the Mount Wachusett Community College STEM program are greatly appreciated by this alum.

Since the fall of 2012, Mount Wachusett CC has transformed its STEM Academic Programming after opening a new state-of-the-art facility and a renewed focus on STEM courses.

In addition, students enrolled in STEM majors increased 20.6 percent between Fall 2012 and Fall 2017 and the three-year average fall-to-spring retention rate of STEM Starter Academy participants was 16 percent higher than degree-seeking students. Enrollment in STEM courses like organic chemistry, calculus, and calculus-based physics has more than tripled in four years.

Senator Tran furthered these efforts during Senate budget deliberations last week by securing $100,000 in the budget to continue the Mount’s remarkable growth in STEM courses, and to prepare its graduates for a regional economy that relies on this technology and is hungry for these skills.

His budgetary focus on education and improvements to the K-12 and higher education system represent a deep commitment to preserving the American dream for the next generation of the Worcester Middlesex District.

Johnathan Marshall