Economy strong while everything else wrong

August 30, 2018 GMT

It was predictable. Cut corporate taxes as well as income taxes on the super rich; negate environmental protection laws; lift banking regulations intended to halt the loose lending practices responsible for setting off the greatest recession since the 1930s; and the stock market will surge.

Unemployment will fall, though real income would not rise for the middle and working classes, only for the very, very rich.

So what if the infrastructure deteriorates. So what if the damaging effects of climate change are ever more obvious. Go into denial. So what if the national debt and federal budget deficit spiral. Republicans used to worry about that. How silly.


So what if getting a college education imposes a lifetime debt burden on so many. So what if health insurance premiums soar, and the solvency of medicare and Social Security are at ever greater risk. So what if the USA pursues a protectionist trade policy while the rest of the world remains committed to a global economy with China, not the USA, at the center.

Even Trump’s most severe critics say, “to be fair to Trump, the economy is strong.”

Daniel C. Hudson