NY top court weighs fight among youth hockey spectators

September 14, 2016 GMT

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York’s highest court is weighing whether a youth hockey league is responsible for fighting among spectators because it didn’t eject them from the arena as tensions rose.

Raymond Pink alleges it’s the Rome Youth Hockey Association’s fault he was punched in the head by Matthew Ricci, who later pleaded guilty to assault.

Pink says the association failed to enforce its no-tolerance policy that calls for removal of parents and spectators for “inappropriate” and “destructive” behavior. He says the organization didn’t follow its own rules before the fight broke out as a bantam league game ended in November 2006.

The association wants the lawsuit dismissed, arguing the incident was unforeseeable since there had been no prior fights among spectators.

The Court of Appeals, following arguments Wednesday, is expected to rule next month.